This is a pre-beta release version. Check back every 7 days.
No-pain login.

Your user just types a name, and starts using.

Two simple steps to use on your website:


Add this iframe:

<iframe id="LoginDisplay" src="" style="width: 19em; height: 7em; border:none"></iframe>


Add this script:

("message", receiveMessage, false);

function receiveMessage(event)

if( ===


/* Now you have your logged-in
user's name in,
and you also have
for locating user-specific data
on your server. */



You can also link directly to the easy-to-use ncknms.js library for additional functionality.

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This is a free login service that you can use on your website.

Effortly support user login on your website. You can use either the very clean no-dependencies ncknms.js library, or very simple message handling.

You don't have to use it if you don't want to, but you should be happy to have the option of 'rooms' for your user to be logged into. Maybe you will treat rooms as chatrooms, or maybe you will treat them as priveledged rooms. However you treat them is totally up to you.

Your users use the same login info on every website that uses this service. Once a user gives a name a password, the user gets to keep that name forever, and use the same name everywhere the service is used; the user will become the only authorized user of the name. No other user will be allowed to again login with the same name, and if a user is already logged in with the name of an authorized user, and the authorized user logs into the same place, the former user will automatically be logged out.

Also, supports:

  • Password recovery.
  • Personal login link (e.g., the user just has to click an emailed link to login.)
  • Super quick email-based login (e.g., your user just has to enter an email address to login the first time.)"
  • 'Remember Me' logins.
  • If your user tries to use a name that has already been taken, this service can suggest a never-used-before name to the user, so your user is spared from guessing in the dark for an available name.

    Your users don't have to be stuck with the same name, because this service enables the user to have as many names as the user likes, while you will always identify the user in the same way. However, you have the priveledge of limiting your user to only one name or a certain number of names.

    Privacy. This service tracks where your users are logged in using abstract identifiers, which cannot be resolved to identify your website. The owner of this service can find out that people are logged in, but not where they are logged in. Additionally, all personal information collected from your users (e.g., email addresses) are off limits to the owner; the owner of this service does not access it.

    This service does some record keeping for you. In particular, it can tell you your user's verified email address, ID, unique index, last login time in a room, join time in a room, number of logins into a room, and different aliases. It can also tell you some room-specific information, such as, the approximate number of users currently logged into a room and who they are, and the number of different users who have ever logged into the room.

    You don't like the graphics? No worries, this service learns about your user's experience with it, and becomes less animated as your user becomes more familiar with it. Plus, you have the option to control how animated it will be.

    You have the option to control whether your user can enter a room based on your user's name or email address.

    If this service receives enough support through donations, it will be expanded to support user profiles, so you can make your life and your users' lives much easier. It will also be further developed to provide you realtime notification of a change in your user's online status. is a public web service provider, and provides more services.

    Terms of Use: This free service is provided to you as-is. By using this service, you accept that you are using it at your own risk. Neither uptime nor continued operation of this service is gauranteed. Also, this service is oriented toward high usability rather than high security; the security of this service has not been tested, and you must acknowledge and accept this fact, the associated risks, and related security-failure reprucutions by using this service. You must also inform your users that the emails they share with this service will be shared with all websites they log into using this service.